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Being an adult is really hard.

And I’m really really bad at it! I’m so sorry y’all, I’ve been away even longer than I ever have, and there’s no excuse except real life. I’ve finally graduated school, but it didn’t free me up for more time like I’d hoped. I’ve just been busier. With senior show, graduation, old and ailing parents, moving once and soon again, and then getting a job that actually uses my degree, I’ve been busier than ever. Fandom is at the back of my mind most days, and I’ve lost a lot of interest for fandom things that I’ve always loved. I won’t ever quit fandom I think, but I’m still trying to get settled into existing without the community and comfort of a school environment. I’m afraid I’ve amassed emails and messages that I simply have been unable to look at. If you see a new message from me that’s responding to something you sent ages ago, I’m so sorry! I’ve been ignoring my lovely internet friends, and still shamefully have commissions that are long past due. For this reason I don’t think I will do commissions at all anymore, or at least for a long, long while. I’ve never really had time for them, though I wanted with all my heart to do more and more.

I love you all, and I do wish I coudl do all the fandom things I plan out in my head. I see fanart everywhere, but I rarely get to draw it out.


DCBB Big Bang Masterpost t-t-t-t-tttt

Masterpost time! I never have time for anything anymore and this is pretty much the only fun I have.


boop!Collapse )

Doodly doo

Just a doodle but I hope you like 

Old man Dean!Collapse )

A NSFW comic

I was in the mood for making something sad. What's sadder than Croat!verse Cas and Dean? 

NUTHINCollapse )



So I made an animation. It's, well, not something I'm used to.

Mmm morning breath.Collapse )

:3 Hiatus over!

Hey, Guys.

Dudes, I am sorry. I realize I never told anyone that I was going or let on that I'm fine. I am, no worries. I haven't been around for a while because I was in rather desperate need of a break. I felt silly announcing it, but I feel bad for not letting anyone know I was going to be taking a hiatus.

Last semester was especially difficult for me. I overloaded my class schedule, took an internship, a job, and it turned out to be more than I could handle. I managed fine, but during my winter break, I was completely burnt out. I was sick of art for a while. I worked on my internship and commissions and played Skyrim and slept. I needed a little cool down time, but I feel great now! I feel ready to draw draw draw!

My new schedule is awesome! Compared to last semester, it's paradise. I'm hoping it will allow more time for fun and fandom, but to be safe, I won't be signing up for any challenges (oh, except for SPN_J2 BB. I cannot resist), at least until I'm sure. Commissions will be going out, but for now, I won't be opening again, for a time. I will be taking on those who I promised commissions for in private, but no new ones.


Reverse Big Bang art!

It's that day!

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