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Why are they so ugly?

The Majestic Bison Daggot
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HULLO. My name is Dags. In this journal, you will mostly find fandom things and perhaps a few RL things that I like to babble about. I draw fanart mostly of the Dean/Castiel variety, but I'm open to all pairings including Wincest and Sassy and generally all slash pairings ever, so come on in if you like.

I am also vegan and enjoy such activities as being double-jointed in both elbows.

When it comes to my policy over my art, I am perfectly okay with anyone using my art however they like as long as they don't claim it as their own. If you want to make icons, fine, if you want to print it to and rip it up and use it for a fancy paper mache arts and crafts project, well that's fine too.

My friending policy is lax. My journal is open to the public and I'll usually friend back people who friend me. I only hope we can be awesome to each other.